Why chill? Why not?

Everyone can improve their lives by acquiring more clarity within themselves.  I really meant it when I said “Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit.” in the About of this site.

The natural way people handle themselves does often include self-care in the form of enjoyment.  However I’d suggest that the majority of things people enjoy are not actually chill.  We will dive deeper into this distinction in the future.  So why does chill matter …I mean why not just take a nap?

All states of being serve their own purpose towards progressing our upward evolution as people.  We seek satisfaction  /endOfSite ;p

At a base level, it’s of course true.  Many of the activities people do in pursuit of their own contentment are not as carefully considered as the things which they are compelled to do for their livelihoods.  Oftentimes folks are simply trying to get by, and are so exhausted by the end of the day that all they want to do is sleep.  We should sleep in such cases, because that amount of fatigue does not allow any other state to flourish inside ourselves.

Personal growth benefits

Giving oneself space to open up a legitimate ‘chill’, separate from other categories which we will go more into later, *absolutely* can help improve all other states of being for the person.  Want better sleep? (for example) …then you really should consider how best to integrate actual chill into your life.

Everyone owes it to themselves to broaden their experiential horizons.  Some of these lead to a much richer set of perceptions for myriad aspects in one’s life.  Investing in yourself is crucial for ensuring that you are able to be the best version of ‘you’ for all others in your life.

Where to now?

I am here to help fully flesh-out all notions inside of, and surrounding, this magical realm!



Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit. I'm always in pursuit of what constitutes legit chill. I will help you. <3

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