Music – gateway to chill?

Oh you better believe music can be a gateway to chill, and my feeling is that you already knew that.  😉

pier music

Genres exist because they feel right @ different times

Music wholly embodies certain emotional qualities, and for this I’ll never disparage any form of music.  I’ve listened to them all and I enjoy most …when listened to at the right times along my journey.  Rap music’s aggressive and comedic qualities are jusssstt right for moments when I need a good laugh.  I highly recommend watching reaction videos to “barz“-type of rap singles, or really any outstanding performer or group.  Watching reaction videos to legendary progressive rock groups, particularly if the one reacting is a hip-hop head, is a really fun time!

Sharing what you savor most about those moments with another, even when your listening buddy resides in a youtube video, still amplifies your own moments of joy that much more.  Conversely I have to be in a thick, cynical despair to willingly listen to certain death metal acts like Behemoth.  However watching a reaction video of the same single yields an altogether different feel of camaraderie for having ‘suffered’ through it with another. ;p  Other types of metal can assist me as I ponder existence, and still others can make me laugh hysterically (think Twelve Foot Ninja).  Rock music in general pushes and pulls emotion, elicits gratuitous satisfaction, and can induce nostalgia like no other.  Classical music is not so different from a ‘feels’ perspective, yes/no?

We set the aforementioned aside when considering their ‘chill factor’

Rock, metal, rap, and even classical are appreciated for how they satisfy us during the times when we hit play and our emotions closely align with the particular vibe coming through the speakers.  We can even go from satisfaction to chill for as long as we’re willing to ‘sit’ inside moments of musical appreciation, because the listening experience so closely met us where we were at emotionally.  If we can’t experience chill from the music itself in real time, but we want long-play chill, then…

What can we listen to?

One might imagine that vaporwave, new retro wave, chillwave, or others would be all that’s required to source hours of chill music.  You certainly can find chill diamonds in amidst the regular, explicit usage of synth and thumping bass tracks.  If you’ve listened to any of these compilations before, you’re aware that they can lead to mental disarray when all you wanted was a contiguously chill listening experience.  Ambient music oftentimes also isn’t so ‘ambient’ of a complete listening experience, at least inside of compilations and/or albums.  It’s beautiful music, and certainly has chill selections worth finding.

I’ve compiled a short playlist that is chill, and spans across some genres.  It’s perfectly fine as-is, but I would encourage you to consider what chill means to you as you take in the selections.  How would your perceptions of chill differ, and feel free to post your own playlist below!  Think about nurturing your etheric body when listening.  Don’t worry about the lyrics and simply listen at your own personal, minimum volume with headphones, unless you have a good audio setup in your listening room.  Do you want me to make future playlist posts with personally-curated chill selections in them?  Let me know in the comments 🙂

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Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit. I'm always in pursuit of what constitutes legit chill. I will help you. <3

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