Hopelessness can lead to chill abuse…

I really hope this doesn’t get too personal for me.

This is one of the most difficult things to come back from in life.

All of what is in front of you seems completely meaningless.

I’m not talking relationships with folks in your circle. We all eventually take account of everything going on in our day-to-day lives. We’ll step back to whatever degree when things appear ‘off’, only to sometimes discover an even larger and more nuanced set of unpleasant aspects which swirl together to create what we’re experiencing. In those moments of initial discovery, learning what is able to be gleaned from the surface of the “problems” that have sprouted up in a person’s awareness: their first reaction will largely depend on the innate strength of that person’s will. Some people are pressed so thin by this world with everything they perceive they must do during all waking moments, that having an epiphany of one or more things “going wrong” is enough to immediately and fully collapse the house of cards that is their psyches. Others (after the initial shock) might be able to gather themselves enough to calmly go over their facts, and take the first step towards “fixing” whatever they’ve found isn’t working.

busy, Busy, BUSY!!!

Another category of people who self-reflect and discover the surface of their problems will simply delude themselves about any potential severity causing a worse situation, and will simply sweep it all under their mental rug while trying to use the business of daily life to justify the decision for as long as humanly possible. How can this ever turn out good? It most certainly will blow up in the person’s face, likely in the form of a mental breakdown of sorts.

The world wants every second of your existence to be locked down with prearranged ‘experience’.

At least modern society would try to convince you of such an impossibility. And when we’re not bogged-down with the daily ‘mandate’ of life, we tend to keep our minds overactive during leisurely moments with whatever stressful or semi-stressful “fun” activity. For those who mindlessly run on the hamster wheel that 21st-century Earth has so graciously supplied them with: something’s gonna give.
mental breakdown

The more of an individual perspective you have, the less worthwhile it seems to pick up the pieces of your life.

When someone either is lucky enough to already have people in a support network, or they’re personable enough to gather some folks around them when needed: They are generally not destined to suffer as much as someone who must work uphill to improve the “defective” aspects of themselves or their situations. Others may have a network of sorts, but will still suffer because of how their individualistic mindset precludes them from being able to pragmatically notice when they’ve crossed the threshold of no longer being able to effectively deal with their problems by themselves.

Who cares?

“It’s hopeless anyway, why should I try to improve my situation?” …may be a portion of the thoughts running through the person’s head who’s either alone in this, or who habitually turns others away. One’s problems can and often do seem insurmountable.

If you don’t think that chill can be addictive…

…then I’m not sure you’ve experienced it enough to be able to know otherwise. Most people will seek out legal means of making the pain of their hopelessness and despair soften, if even by just a bit. Chill is at the forefront of what they seek, even if they’re unaware of the term or inexperienced of the feeling. Some try to approach it by way of a substance, drink, music, or amorous partner, because it’s the closest thing to momentary satisfaction or psychological pain-relief that they’re able to (somewhat) readily acquire. These outside, artificial pain-reducers are only as effective as they are able to bring someone to an honest place of chill within themselves. However, one has to question whether or not genuine chill can be forced from the outside in.

A hopeless person tends toward the pursuit of a *consistent* levity of their emotions

They’re looking for a persistent “elevation of spirit”, where their pain subsides for several moments. Unresolved problems (however) get in the way or lessen the height of the pain reduction that such chill can provide.

There’s a point to feeling like there’s no point.

An oversimplified explanation is that we’re better able to determine what makes us genuinely happy in a way which corresponds to the amount and severity of unhappiness we’ve experienced. This phenomenon of the pendulum recurs in other aspects of our lives. Upon learning of it, most would desire to rise above its effects if possible. Whether or not someone’s able to achieve this may depend on how completely they’re able to satisfy problems they’ve observed in their life.

The world around us appears fixed, where nothing we do seems to matter in the grande scheme.

Chances are, you’ve very rarely experienced any direct benefit in your life from a national politician’s decision. The same ineffectual feeling can be had from the ‘big wigs’ who run your place of employment at the high levels, or administrators of the school (or school district, or college) that you attend.  Everyone at some point will find themselves in need of assistance to solve big-picture problems that trickle into our field of experience. We either mentally, psychologically, and/or spiritually succumb to these “titanic” forces at work which keep us frustrated and at a stand-still with solving our own problems, or we hurl ourselves into the challenge of navigating the unknown in search of anything which will allow us to switch gears, sidestep the brunt of the pain caused by some problem, or find the one, real solution to it.

If you’re feeling that there’s no real purpose to living, I kinda like this article as a starting place for helping yourself find one or more stances about the purpose of life with which you may resonate. If you’re depressed, you should seek out a local or online counselor and/or other resources.

Only you can know what combination of tools, help, or strength of will is best for rising yourself out of a feeling of hopelessness. If you choose to seek out that which you need to improve the quality of your life, the subsequent chill that may be experienced will be of a purer and more rewarding, contentedly sublime set of feels.
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Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit. I'm always in pursuit of what constitutes legit chill. I will help you. <3

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