Fame can be great!

…for one’s ego ;p  Everyone at a base level wants to be loved.  Fame provides something of a distant love from adoring fans, that which can never be fully requited by the famous person or group.


It’s not bad!  Some people are certainly able to rock the fame lifestyle and maintain a level psyche.  Perhaps during their rise to stardom, they traversed bumpy roads, were criticized by fans and the media.  Those who have been famous for a good while have the battle scars to prove it.  Maybe now they enjoy a certain sturdiness of self whilst staring down the multitudes which arrive to be in the presence of their idol(s).  Make no mistake: for those who live such a lifestyle, fame becomes an inextricable part of it …and downtime is no exception.

How much chill does fame allow?

Maybe you knew where I was going with this. 🙂  The answer is a little involved, but might be what you’d imagine.  Famous people also typically have wealth enough to travel frequently when they’re not working.  Their managers can set up private-plane travel plans for exotic locales, private resort islands, and really an endless list of places.  There would never be any problem with such a person exploring chill, right?

Let’s return to that point above about how dealing with fame becomes an inextricable part of their lives.  Intense social interaction is commonplace in a famous person’s day-to-day.  After all, networking and having their face in everyone else’s face for a good, long while was largely what was responsible for them gaining their notoriety in the first place.  The effort that famous people put in towards their dreams is commendable!  Now they are saddled with all of these “ties that bind”, and must continue to nurture these relationships.


Can a famous person leave their phone at home?

Fame can lead to a permanent lack of chill, or at minimum for at least as long as the person remains relevant in the public eye.  Dealing with people is stressful, and even the most personable social person does not have a stress-free time with everyone all the time.  Most of us can find moments to keep our phones from disturbing us, and this is no exception for famous people.  However one can imagine that a famous individual’s manager will seek them out in-person if they’re unable to reach their client by phone unexpectedly and a potential gig’s on the line.

Nearly every minute of a famous person’s day is mapped out, because they have myriad engagements and obligations that normal people would usually be grateful not to have on their plates.  People pull you from every direction because it’s either their job to do so, or they have some measure of fascination with you.  Fans will always feel entitled to some bit of your time.

Why are you anonymous, chill?

Why do you think, dear reader? <3


Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit. I'm always in pursuit of what constitutes legit chill. I will help you. <3

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