Enjoyment! …let’s talk about it

Find as many enjoyable moments in your life as possible.  String them together frequently whenever able.  Little else seems to be the core of our real motivations in life.  Some experience this most when giving and sharing with others, another group employs a mixture of service to others and self, and still a number of people find the most enjoyment through solitary activities.  All these avenues are perfectly fine, and you are valid for seeking out your own joy!

joy jumping

Now that the burden of feeling guilty is off the table, let’s dive deeper into the concept of enjoyment.  We all deserve it.  It’s such a tense, modern world in which we find ourselves.  Myriad facets of our lives suffer in every way you can imagine.  Should someone believe themselves a victim of worldly circumstances:  it would be an unfortunate mindset, however it could also be seen to be accurate to varying degrees.  Our perceptions of all of our life happenings paint the sorts of things we gravitate towards when we look for enjoyable activities.

Activities we enjoy may not be so joyful

Consider what is invested of yourself as you explore your free time.  Are your favorite activities behind a fairly stiff pay wall?  Do they involve violence, either actual or virtual?  One person’s Call of Duty or Fortnite marathon bliss is another’s torture.  Here’s where we start getting into the sharper distinctions, because there may be aspects of ‘us’ that are negatively impacted by our enjoyment choices.  As one blasts baddies on the screen with a huge smile on their face, they’re perhaps unaware of the constant extra stress that playing such a fast-paced and competitive game puts on their body.


In my Why chill? Why Not? post, I touched on how enjoyment does not imply chill.  That’s not to say one state of being is somehow better than the other.  Life satisfaction is certainly achievable via many ways.  In my view it should be approached as broadly and as holistically as possible, so long as one’s efforts do not harm another.  Bustin’ baddies in a game is an amazing experience in its own right, and can absolutely be cathartic in its own psychologically-satisfying way!

Enjoyment is not always chill, and that’s ok 🙂

What do you enjoy? Let us know below!

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Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit. I'm always in pursuit of what constitutes legit chill. I will help you. <3

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