Monetization can lead to chill!

There’s a certain amount of anguish, tumult, despair, and melancholy (among other descriptors) surrounding the proper setup and monetization of a website, when you have basically no money to put into it.  I will go into further detail about the absolute *hurt* which went into my journey towards building a proper site.  Hopefully you will have a better time of it and reap some sweet, expedited rewards🙂

Don’t get too scared by my lead-in image 😉 …you’ll [probably] be fine!

Enjoyment! …let’s talk about it

Find as many enjoyable moments in your life as possible.  String them together frequently whenever able.  Little else seems to be the core of our real motivations in life.  Some experience this most when giving and sharing with others, another group employs a mixture of service to others and self, and still a number of people find the most enjoyment through solitary activities.  All these avenues are perfectly fine, and you are valid for seeking out your own joy!

joy jumping

Fame can be great!

…for one’s ego ;p  Everyone at a base level wants to be loved.  Fame provides something of a distant love from adoring fans, that which can never be fully requited by the famous person or group.


Why chill? Why not?

Everyone can improve their lives by acquiring more clarity within themselves.  I really meant it when I said “Chill is a way of life from which all will benefit.” in the About of this site.